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SUO XI Hospital provides acupuncture treatment to inpatients. The service follows the latest research and best practices. Patients must schedule appointments and discuss their problems with their doctor. Treatment duration depends on the patient's condition. There are a few contraindications, but patients should still inform their doctor about any current or previous medical conditions. Suo XI Hospital's advice and offerings complement, not replace, general medical care.

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About “SUO XI Hospital”

SUO XI Hospital is a private tertiary general institution in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The hospital’s acupuncture service has been providing acupuncture to inpatients since January 2019. The service is based on the most recent practical research and industry-accepted best practices in acupuncture.
Acupuncture treatment is provided by qualified acupuncturists who are actively working in areas including Acupuncture, Chinese Ancient Therapy, Chinese medicine, Physiotherapy, and Occupational Therapy. Treatment is provided on an inpatient basis throughout the hospital.
Patients must schedule their appointments in advance. The patient must first phone a serial, who will provide them with a schedule. The patient must show up at the scheduled time. Absent advanced scheduling, there is no guarantee that your practitioner will be available.
Treatment Process
After keeping your appointment, you will meet with your doctor and discuss your problems with them. Your doctor will then provide recommendations regarding your course of therapy and a variety of additional problems associated with your struggles. Treatment will begin and complete those sessions on time, depending on the patient’s physical condition.
There are a few contraindications to the treatments at Suo XI Hospital, although they don’t usually preclude the use of the therapy. Patients should tell their doctor about any current or previous medical conditions during their initial appointment.
Complementary Therapy
Suo XI Hospital’s advice and offerings are complementary to general medical care, not a replacement for it. Your only “diagnosis” will be from a classical Chinese medicine point of view, and your “treatment” won’t claim to “cure” you; rather, it will try to effect change that might help your body heal itself.
Please note:
• The terms of Suo XI Hospital are intended for use within a certain time period, which may change from step to step.
• Doctor on Duty Only if you don’t finish the recommended treatments in the allocated period are you qualified for unscheduled therapy sessions? The next time, the therapies will be identical.
• Our consultants did not get paid for their time during your session, which is free of charge.
• The patient’s immune system will determine the course of treatment. Treatment will continue if the patient has a strong immune system and a positive outcome, otherwise, it will finish when it is scheduled.
• Depending on the consultant you’ve talked about, it can vary.

Offered Services

Pain Management
Rheumatology Medicine
Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
Allergy & Immunology
Allergy & Immunology
Chest & Asthma
Diabetes, Thyroid & Hormone
Infertility & Gynae
Dietitian & Nutrition
Gastroenterology & Liver
Neuro Medicine